Call & Text Your Favorite Streamers

Reach out to your favorite streamers to ask questions, send requests, get advice, or just to say hi!

Would you pay to talk to your favorite streamer?

Here are just some of the ways you can use Roxer to connect with your favorite streamers:

Submit Ideas

Send in an idea for a speedrun or challenge.

Ask a Question

Ask questions on gameplay, strategies, and more.

Just Say Hi

Show your support to your favorite streamers and creators.

Text your favorite streamer

Would you rather text than call? Roxer supports paid texting.

Chat with your favorite streamer for up to 24 hours. Learn gameplay strategies, ask questions, and get to know them better!

How it works

Ask your favorite streamer for their Roxer call link.

Click the link and browse their hotlines.

Connect with the streamer and start chatting.

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Show your support to your favorite livestreamers

“I called a Twitch Streamer I like and got to talk live on stream!”
“I like this tech and I’m excited to make some calls.”
“I'm excited to connect with some of my favorite streamers!”