The Hotline

Now, experts can have their own pay-per-minute hotline in minutes that takes calls from 193 countries, all for free.

Unlock a New Revenue Stream

Roxer can help you easily add a new revenue stream to your business by offering a hotline for your audience to call for advice or help. As an expert in your field, you or your staff can charge a fee for this service and help people solve their problems.


Your phone number is never known to your callers.

Call Screening

Know who is calling and what the call is about before accepting.

Flexible Schedule

Calls only come in during your hours of operation.

Global Hotline

Your Roxer hotline uses a web address for calling instead of a phone number. People in 193 countries can call your hotline, so your entire audience can reach you.

Roxer Handles All The Billing

The payment method is secured before the call, so if your phone rings, you’re getting paid.

Callers commit to a minimum call time of your choosing, get billed for that time and per minute beyond the minimum call time.

Callers are billed the moment the call ends, automatically.

The Hotline of the Future is Here Today

“A great way to make extra $$ in my spare time!”
“I like the spirit of this and I’m excited to take some calls.”
“I've had great success with talking to my audience on the phone and I’m excited to join your platform.”
William G.
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